31 Days of Spray Paint – Day 5 Pumpkins

We love Halloween in our house and the work and decorations we put into it are only second to Christmas.  I have to admit though, I do not look forward to carving pumpkins; the mess, the sharp knives the effort, it’s something that we usually put off until the last-minute.  This year I’m going to try something different, spray painting them, yes you can spray paint pumpkins and here are some clever, fun, and beautiful creations using spray paint.

Metalic spray paint, gorgeous!

Love the colors

Stencils and spray paint – cute!

Glitter – love!

Ok it’s not spray paint but I had to include these gorgeous pumpkins using drip art technique – click on picture for instructions

Lace and black spray paint

Spider stencils, clever!

Ideas are endless!