31 Days of Spray Paint – Day 30 Light Fixtures and Chandeliers





31 Days of Spray Paint – Day 28 Metal

Just like wicker, most people are well aware that spray painting metal is easy and a no brainer but check out some of these spray painted metal items that I bet you never thought of!









31 Days of Spray Paint – Day 5 Pumpkins

We love Halloween in our house and the work and decorations we put into it are only second to Christmas.  I have to admit though, I do not look forward to carving pumpkins; the mess, the sharp knives the effort, it’s something that we usually put off until the last-minute.  This year I’m going to try something different, spray painting them, yes you can spray paint pumpkins and here are some clever, fun, and beautiful creations using spray paint.

Metalic spray paint, gorgeous!

Love the colors

Stencils and spray paint – cute!

Glitter – love!

Ok it’s not spray paint but I had to include these gorgeous pumpkins using drip art technique – click on picture for instructions

Lace and black spray paint

Spider stencils, clever!

Ideas are endless!








31 Days of Spray Paint – Day 2


I am currently in the middle of collecting old, ornate, flea market/thrift store frames with the intention of creating a beautiful art installation.  I’m going with white but that’s a personal choice.

This is what I have so far

Just found these gems, plan to remove the mirrors

This is my dream installation – although my walls are not white, the sizes and layout is what I’m working towards

Great way to add color, love the blues

Or even better – blues, corals, and white from Theshabbyshak at Etsy

Very sweet

Love the shapes and colors

While I love the emtpy frames; how darling are these white ornate frames with family pics?  source: Brocade Home





Candy Coated Inspiration

Want to add color to your home?  Having trouble selecting a color scheme?  Why not look to your favorite candy?  It’s ok to indulge, no calories found here but rather bright and cheery color combinations sure to enliven any room!

With fall right around the corner, let’s start with orange and yellow.  Orange is associated with joy and sunshine and yellow is associated with joy, intellect, and energy.  These smart and cheery rooms will surely energize the people that live there and their guests.



Pink and White – not just for the little princess of the house.  All grown up, these rooms are beautiful and sophisticated.  Pink is associated with hope and a positive color inspiring warm and comforting feelings and thus a wonderful color to surround yourself with.





Corea Sotropa Interior Design




Red and White – not just for Christmas although we did throw one in!  The color red is associated with energy and passion and also stimulates the appetite, making it an excellent choice for dining rooms.








Jewel Tones – if you love the vibrant color of jewel tones and are not afraid to decorate with color, this color scheme is for you!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – people who aren’t afraid of color, create the most beautiful spaces and these rooms are a testament to that!