31 Days of Spray Paint – Day 28 Metal

Just like wicker, most people are well aware that spray painting metal is easy and a no brainer but check out some of these spray painted metal items that I bet you never thought of!









31 Days of Spray Paint – Day 14 Upholstery

I could not have predicted that when I took on this 31 day series I would have #1, gotten sick and #2, had one of my busiest weeks ever!  Ok, enough of the excuses, I’m back on track!

Did you know you can spray paint upholstery?  More importantly, did you know you can spray paint upholstery and have it come out beautifully using non-toxic, non-flammable aerosol paint without changing the feel, will not stiffen the fabric and once dry, will not rub off?   Well, you can and here are some inspiring photos to prove it! 







And the product of choice appears to be Simply Spray Fabric Paint