Sodium polystyrenesulfonate

Sodium polystyrenesulfonate solution is a highly efficient ionic electrolyte, which is obtained by polymerization of sodium styrenesulfonate monomer, and has good environmental protection properties for water-based products. Sodium polystyrenesulfonate has the following characteristics: 1, compared with other sulfonates, low toxicity 2, a high degree of water-soluble 3, anion electrolysis activation is better 4, strong.  floc
Molecular formula: (C8H7NaO3S) x

Analysis item Technical index
Average Molecular weight (Mw) (0.5-60) *104
Viscosity (mpa.s) (25C) 50-1000
Sulfate (ppm) ≤0.2
PH 6-11
Appearance Light yellow sticky liquid

Molecular weight: 5000-600000, light yellow liquid, odorless, soluble in water, liquid Solid content (20-30) wt% 
Uses: This product is used in reactive emulsifier, water-soluble polymer (coagulant, dispersant, container cleaning agent, cosmetics, etc.), water treatment agent (dispersant, flocculant), sulfur exchange resin (film) Pharmaceutical (film), semiconductor, video film, heat conduction products and so on. 
Delivery method: plastic bucket (25kg), or customer requirements. 
Caution: When using rubber gloves, wash with plenty of water when skin is touched, wash eyes with water for 15 minutes, keep in cold dark place to prevent oxidation and polymerization. 

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